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                大功率來襲,數字功放PIN TAS5805 AD82128

                發布日期:2022-04-19 點擊次數:107
                大功率來襲,數字功放PIN TAS5805 AD82128
                30W Inductor-Less, Stereo, Closed-Loop, Digital Input Class-D Power Amplifier with Enhanced Signal Processing
                1 Features
                Wide Input Supply Range: 4.5V to 26.4V
                Supports Multiple Output Configurations
                - 2x30W @1%THD+N into 8Ω BTL at 24V
                - 2x24W @1%THD+N into 8Ω BTL at 21V
                - 2x22W @1%THD+N into 6Ω BTL at 18V
                - 2x10W @1%THD+N into 6Ω BTL at 12V
                - 1x60W @1%THD+N into 4Ω PBTL at 24V
                Sampling Frequency from 32kHz to 96kHz
                Built-In Anti-Pop Function for BTL BD Modulations
                Support BTL Stereo and PBTL Mono
                Loudspeaker Amplifier Working Mode
                15 Programmable Biquads for Speaker
                Provide 128 Tap FIR filter
                Programmable Coefficients for DRC Filters and
                Supporting Multi-Compression Ratios
                Built-In DC Blocking Filters
                Protection Features: UVLO, OVP, OCP, OTP and
                TSSOP-28L Thermally Enhanced Package

                2 Applications
                LCD TV, OLED TV
                Smart Speakers, Wireless Speakers
                Smart Home Audio and IoTAppliance

                3 Description
                The FS2105E is a high-efficiency, I²S/TDM-input,
                stereo Class-D audio power amplifier. It can deliver
                2x30W into 8Ω BTL speaker loads and is over 90%
                power efficiency.
                The FS2105E features a three-band MBDRC, a
                full-band post DRC, flexible multi-band biquads and
                FIR filters for anti-clipping, power limiting, and
                speaker equalization.
                The package of FS2105E is TSSOP-28L and body
                size is 9.7mm*4.4mm*1.2mm.

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